CBL member selected to attend the Google Machine Learning Conference •

CBL member Nikolaos Sarafianos was selected to attend an internal Google Machine Learning Conference organized by Ian Goodfellow in Sunnyvale, CA on Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2017

The ICCV 2017 Updates •

We are happy to announce that the Computational Biomedicine Lab has three papers accepted for publication in the the ICCV 2017 - TASK-CV workshop workshop and one paper accepted for publication in the ICCV 2017 – CHI workshop workshop, Venice, Italy.

The 2017 IJCB Doctoral Consortium •

Congratulations to CBL members Yuhang Wu and Xiang Xu who have been selected to participate to the 2017 IJCB 2017 Doctoral Consortium (

CBL Member Recieves Travel Scholarhip for CRA-W •

CBL member Mengjn Leng received a travel scholarship for CRA-W (