UH Welcomes Back Students for Fall 2015

UH Students Offer Back-to-School Advice

The first week of fall classes is traditionally the busiest week of the year on the University of Houston campus, as new students learn to navigate their way in and around campus – and there are more new students in 2015 than ever before.

“We are excited to welcome another record class of freshmen and transfer students, with more than 8,800 new students arriving at UH this fall,” said Jeffrey Fuller, UH director of student recruitment. 

The University will not know its official enrollment numbers until mid September—the official enrollment count is taken on the 12th day of classes. But, Fuller says he is expecting that the incoming freshman class of about 4,000 students will bring with it the highest average SAT score of any class in UH history. Another 4,800 transfer students are also among the new faces at UH.

“We are once again seeing that transfer students are continuing to select UH as their destination institution,” said Fuller. “And campus diversity has maintained strong with increases in many ethnicities.”

Student Housing and Residential Life staff and campus volunteers helped check-in and move-in about 1,000 students per day during Cougar Move-In last week and through the weekend. Executive Director Don Yackley said the opening of the residential facilities for the fall semester was a success, and the staff is still checking in students. 

New features in the residence halls include free television service offered by Philo, which offers premium HD programming, including HBO and Showtime, over the wireless system and can be accessed by students on their computers, laptops, phones, tablets and televisions. 

With so many new students experiencing life on the UH campus for the first time, some veteran students recently offered this advice on everything from the best place to catch a nap, to improving your study habits and getting involved in campus events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBVbK4M3jRI.

UH Weeks of Welcome offers events and programs through Sept. 6. For more information, visit http://www.uh.edu/wow/2015/.