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Freshman Admissions Appeals

Freshman applicants to the University of Houston who do not meet regular admission requirements may request further consideration by submitting a Freshman Admissions Appeal Form. An appeal to reconsider our original admission decision may or may not change the decision. Generally, less than 25 percent of the appeals will result in a changed admissions decision. Students are encouraged to appeal only if (1) their academic credentials (test scores, grades, etc.) have changed significantly or (2) they wish to provide additional information that further explains personal circumstances that may have affected their ability to meet admissions requirements.

All Freshman Admission Appeal decisions are final.


  1. Submit the Freshman Admissions Appeal Form (Appeal Candidates will be asked to include all extracurricular activities, work and volunteer experiences, distinctions, honors, and leadership experiences with hours/week and weeks/year).
  2. Wait up to 10 business days for items to appear on your to-do list in your myUH self-service portal.
  3. All Appeal Applicants are required to submit the following items for review:
    1. Personal Statement - The statement should explain why the student should be considered for admission even though they have previously been denied, focusing on 1) circumstances surrounding the student’s academic or personal experiences in high school that may explain why minimum admissions requirements were not met and 2) how the student plans to succeed academically despite not meeting minimum admissions requirements. The Appeals Committee will be looking for specific evidence beyond grades, class rank, and test scores (if applicable) that have already been considered in previous admissions attempts.
    2. Updated High School Transcript  - Official copy should include grades from most recently completed semester (typically, fall of senior year)
    3. Resume - Appeal candidates are required to submit a resume for consideration. Please include a detailed list of any extracurricular activities, community service, work experience, accomplishments, or other pertinent activities achieved throughout high school. 
    4. Official College Transcript (only for students earning dual credit for college courses in high school) 

Dates and Deadlines:

Term Application Type Form Deadline Document Deadline
Summer 2022 Freshman Admissions Appeal 5/9/2022 5/13/2022
Fall 2022 Freshman Admissions Appeal 7/11/2022  7/15/2022